There’s a great video about Guardian here.


  • A “whole-performance” view for arranging tracks and setting tempo.
  • a “piano-roll” editor for individual tracks.
  • A Midi control-mapper that let you decide how controller signals such as footpedals and modulation wheels would be processed.
  • A patch librarian page, which let you record and store settings for individual Midi instruments.
  • A musical keymap editor, that let you set up “split” keyboards, or even assign sequencer tracks to individual keys.
  • A mode for setting up and playing sampled instruments using the Amiga’s internal sound chip.


A photo of the original cover painting, without the Music-X logo. Allie’s signature (AFH — Allison Fiona Hershey) can be seen on the left of center.


Aftermath I

Aftermath II

The Be Operating System (BeOS)

Aftermath III

The original Mac version of Deluxe Music Construction Set
Deluxe Music Construction Set 2, Amiga


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